Your life should be more interesting

Herbert Simon called today the attention economy. Even back in the 1970s, he recognized that economies are built on what’s scarce—and that a preponderance of information leads to a shortage of attention.

When there’s too much to pay attention to, we focus on what’s interesting. For me, that’s the place where the rubber of technology meets the road of society. We’re in the middle of a singular moment in human history—a shift from atoms to bits. Digital government, artificial intelligence, widespread automation, and the sum of all knowledge in our pockets.

Even Simon would call this interesting.

A bit of context

I like to think and write about technology, and find fascinating people who do the same. I’ve been putting things on the Internet (Medium, Solve For Interesting, and Tilt the Windmill); in books (Lean Analytics) and on stages (FWD50, Startupfest, Scaletech, Bitnorth, and Strata.) Interesting Bits is where I’ll be publishing new content first.

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