The Interesting Bits

The intersection of tech and society is where interesting things happen. I like to write about them.

Hi, I’m Alistair! I like to organize, write, and build outrageously interesting things, and help others to do the same.

For some context: I run conferences (including FWD50, Startupfest, and Scaletech, and previously Strata and Cloud Connect.) I’ve written a few books, most notably Lean Analytics; and I co-founded Coradiant with friends a while back.

I’ve been posting stuff online since the early days of BBSes. It’s wound up on Solve For Interesting, Medium, Tilt the Windmill, and elsewhere. I’m fascinated by the intersection of technology and society, which I write about here on a fairly regular basis.

If you find this interesting, I’d love it if you’d tell your friends!